Food and cuisine in the Languedoc go hand in hand with superb wine. The extensive range of Languedoc wines means that each food speciality can be perfectly matched with a wine from the region.

Languedoc cuisine relies heavily on local produce: olive oil, tomato sauces, and wild herbs such as thyme, rosemary and sorrel from the ‘garrigue’ hills of the region .

Hints of the herbal ‘garrigue’ and ripe stone fruit such as apricots can be found in the delicious, silky wines of the region. The Languedoc Roussillon region’s ideal Mediterranean climate and diverse landscape, produces a vast range of wines to suit every palette.

Sampling the food and wine of Languedoc-Roussillon is still one of the best ways to really discover the region. Domaine les Hirondelles is very well-placed so that you can venture out and combine a wine-tasting with an interesting visit to a historic site or and a delicious meal and still get back in time for an afternoon by the pool.


Regional Specialities

At the crossroads of cooking influences from the Mediterranean (fish and shellfish), the Massif Central (cured meats, venison, trout) and the opulent Gascogne (foie gras, preserved meats), our region offers an incredible variety of dishes.

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Markets and Shopping

Markets & Food Shopping

Local markets are a delight for the keen cook staying in self-catering accommodation or looking for picnic food. They offer a range of fresh food, hand-made crafts and various other artefacts and treasures such as clothes, jewellery etc.

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Local produce

Local Producers

The produce of the Languedoc comes from farms, vineyards and livestock breeding centres that are dedicated to preserving the ‘real’ taste of Languedoc Roussillon. Cheeses, wines, honey and fruit can all be bought direct from the producer.

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France is renowned for its gourmet food and there are many excellent restaurants in Aude. All of the restaurants listed below have been recommended to us by guests and friends.

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